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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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think you for joining us. >> i'm jessica dill filling in for christie capel. we have a check of the forecast. good morning, scott. 5:00 of the temperatures are starting to go back up. bill winds are picking up the house will increase. vermilion knows pushing up in the play of the 60s. cooler and 52.0s sandusky already at 65 under mostly cloudy skies. the frontud is goi this afternoon, hitting two distinct lines of showers, one is all ahead of the cold front now moving to northwestern ohio in the mainline is tracking through gary, indiana. that is what we are looking at. the airlines are to emerge as the area is overtaking the rain fall.a all the sponsors the showers ar becoming more widespread. to spend showers to spread
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>> out your norwalk. pitt get rained on.y you can choose the showers between sandusky and norwalk early onno. showers continue to spread from west east throughout the day today. the coverage will be at least 9. traffic time with patty. >> this news. we could here today minute inner belt opens and you will find that you can accept they are nowe. new traffic pattern comes acros the bridge of it is a lot of lanes. this is eight at it and you can appreciate it and tell he cute
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please keep that in mind. you are now using the right-han side of the ramp.ha construction is in place for th next 40 days or so. that ramp is now close. and that will be -year-old. breaking news were following on this monday morning. a house the scene of her murder friday night is now the scene o a fire.t they quickly got the fire under control. police responded to the same friday night for reports of gunshots.
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36 wrote man collapsed in the street. 's rushed the hospital for he was pronounced so far no's -- this morning to euclid high school football team is mournin ofol the death of one of thei own. on. jackson died yesterday afternoo from injuriesks suffered during high school football game. the 17 -year-old was a junior a the school. he played both outside linebacker. he wasllid injured during frida night's game against the soul and comets. he taken toe the medical cente and beachwood. he was a joy to be around and was taken far too soon. >> all of a sudden he just startedsu to blossom. he started to believe it himsel and he starting to see himself having really incredible proven success in the classroom as a
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investigators working to determine jackson's cause of death. the school district released a statement and reads in partr -- the school districts would like to express its deepest sympathy during this horrific time. it is finally here. hellerll clinton a donald trump will face debate. should be at the scene on fox 8. we have a preview. >> tonight will be a big night for both major party candidates is the republican and democrati nomineesma face off in their fi said they go head-to-head. that more time to speak then they've had in other debate so far.toto these different to each other
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threw insults. for could dip is the voice of opal special interests.i >> he is temperamentally unfit. >> lester holt will have his hands a moderate these two give this well he will likelyra disinfect don't be surprised to be leads a lot of that to the candidates. sinovic is a good idea to get the moderatorr to -- and i think it is person to facilitate in to defend of the candidates to basically correct each other as they see fit. clinton's campaign is a nuisanc of her rigorous prep work for the debate. trump has been doing some of hi , him on policy conversations with rudy giuliani and chris christie put thisa in his 100 million potential voters to watch states take up the pressure is onst for clinton an trump.
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>> it supposed to run from 9-10:30. the celebrationon with another after the indians clinch the division athe home. the number is now 1. the struggled with spots -- the chicago white sox are on th board with the 1-0 lead. carlos brendon was sensational for chicago. they went eight innings strikin out 11 tribe of batters. they win 3-0. after the gamew bit disappointed they couldn't finish the job in front of the home crowd. >> i would say that we would have to heree and do it on the road. we ran into the picture today. sometimes it is tough luck on
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we're trying to do it for the friends.s got to go out there and compete. the travis them to get the job done as they face of the tigers hadn't just one you think you seen it all. this type a one time hopeful chris i'm just days ago in his 12th chance for victory. he returns a 27-yard in the browns have a 10-7 lead. the dolphins with the lead. williams for the 10-yard touchdown pretty started the
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the browns board backing down. wavelength gets the two-point conversion to make a three-poin game. he gets sacked and is recovered. semi- it over time. miami wins it in overtime on this 11-yard touchdown run. we're going to get ready. i keep watching this team even though the results are not getting better every week . we're playing a lot of young
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>> they faced redskins on sunday. >> at least they made it over >> they really should've won that game. >> weather and traffic every minutes is just add. couldld be the greatest golfer ever pick you take a look at t life of all mark arnold palmer is the connection. and it was the woman who is now n dixon themselves in person only points. >> for started to some finish line of showers this your brain moving out of the light. and that is going to do it for the fremont. processing some showers for 7:0. most of us are waiting to the day and will continue the nu showers in the afternoon.
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normal as about 70. was a little warmer than we anticipated backup degrees. and they should not impact the lake effect snow. everything evens out even thoug
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and you can see them squeezing out the pocket of dry air that was in between. so what that means and developing wednesday. now work out and a shower near clinton. the temperatures in the middle 60s so we will wait until midday an it will become fairly widesprea with temperatures staying in th upper 60s.t and the widespread rain, east b
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to seend the system move up qui. about a quarter of an inch of rain for the day. cooler day tomorrow and still most areas will be dry around 67. quick look at below the comes i on wednesday.y. and this is further south. gets hung up the which means thursday and friday because -- it's going to increase here. --s going to his look at the forecast. the gun looks. we warm back up and we need
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your weather and traffic every eight minutes and still ahead. see what police are saying abou the shocking accident. >> and a man confesses to a crime that led to his twin brother being lied -- locked up. >> as we have to break, here's livere look at the bridge. we will be back with a look at
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back to fox to news in the morning. eastbound bridge is not open. get access to on. out and it will be up different
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across that and falls down to the two lanes as you approach mccue into town. this is a get it and it is wide open coming acrossd the inner belt bridge. you're going to use the right-hand side of the rampto. seventy-one at west point. they have a flashing sign that sayst a new traffic pattern. gas prices averagedtr to cal twinges seven. go to our website and click on the traffic tab and hopefully you can use it to lower gas prices. >> one of baseball's brightest stars as died after put acciden in florida.
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put it hit a jetty off miami beach. minute thena was wearing life vests at the time. all three were killed. this was his fourth season but fernandez and had the potential of a hall of fame career. that you see -- that is the joint jos? played with and the passion he felt about playingh. >> the 24 -year-old had an story, defecting from keep it three times and making
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a harrowing journey and which jumped into the water to save his mother from fernandez posted this picture o his pregnant girlfriend on instagram just five days before the crashirir with the captionsn saying am so glad you came into my life. three people are dead after two light planes collide mid air. the crash between assisting and a paper happened in western ew york.. the two planes were. a part of group of six planes flying to pennsylvania for breakfast.. both pilots were in his 60s and it had at least 15 years flying experience. experts say this a number of bright spots. this the official cause of the crash yet. the faa and ntsb, they are investigating. >> a man accused of opening fir in washington state mall is due
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manhunt.r they found him walk down the street near his home. he didn't run and say anything. isyt motor is not known. testing immigrated from turkey. for women and one man died in a macy's store at the mall in burlington, which is north of th third names have not yet been released. >> the identical twin of the ma jailed for a murder since 20th reset he and not his brother is guiltys of the crime. carl. >> dropped confession bombshell last weekek and a chicago room. he admitted to letting his twin brothera, kevin duke guard, tak the blame because it didn't hav the strength to come for word. authorities are not so sure.
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lost his final appeal on his o life sentence for home invasion and he just turned to help. i judge must now decide if he should get a new trial. >> steven avery, the man at the center of the making a murder trial is now engaged. his fianc?e, a woman he only me once, it is a 53 role pickle second. from las vegas.pi the two reportedly daily phone calls for eight months before meeting face-to-face with the first tim this month. he is serving a a life without parole after being convicted of a 2005 murder. questions about where priest of the netflix documentary about i last year. the couple said thehe plan to marry after avery is released. >> your time right now, weather and traffic every eight minutes.
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>> plus other overdosern caught camera. see how a barber saved someonen and why it is personal for him. >> don't forget to log on to fox8.comff to vote for the next fox 8 cool school. we will announce the
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take a quick look at the rain. it is pretty widespread and it did well to get here. a broken line of showers out near fort clinton. the rain is moving to northern indiana and that will be around
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the showers of the tape on northern ohio. sandusky already seeing a showe after fremont. pippin, northern ripped one county and clinton would have a much higher chance of seeing some rain this morning. i don't think we'll see anythin here for a whileh't as the fron moves through. temperatures in the 60ss. piercing some clear sky the cloudy wesley into a leary up. thehe future radar shows those moving through it in the afternoon we will continue to see the showers move out and 55 6:00 this evening, most, the ra will be gone and temperatures will remain in my 60s. most ten anticipated good quarter of ano inch of rain today. >> the man who was arguably the greatest golfer of all time has died.
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yesterday. >> his lead ofof arnie's army w 87 years old. we take a lookok back at his legacy. >> winner of seven majors and 9 tournaments overall, arnold palmer was one of golf's greatest and most charismatic players. his rise to stardom in the late 1950s and 60s coincided with the advent the televised golf. alongside his lifelong friend and rival, jack nicklaus, palme brought golf and the forefront of the nations sporting consciousness. h respond army's army. it's been decades and generations.. when people say treat other people's you with that be treated,e they don't really thi that. that is a nice thing to say. i have it be. into me. that was to doi, and i have practiced that. >> born pennsylvania, palmer grew up next door to the local
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worked as a golf professional and golf superintendent. he joined the pga tour for the 1955 season. he won the first of his four masters titles three years later. in their early 60s ballmer made the golf course hio personal playground.un he won 29 tournaments through 1960 and 1963, wreck for majors in a span, including a miraculous comeback from 76 dow in the final round of the u.s. open. that performance paved way for him being named sports illustrated sports but of the year.t palmer was later named the athlete of the decade by the associated press. >> i think the ultimate genius of arnold palmer is unbelievabl understanding of human beings. that's what arnold palmer had a 25-30 year career after he was done w playing good golf, which unbelievable.ic >> palmer one is less pga tour
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occasionally. pulse majors. his final appearance as a playe in the 2004 masters was a recor 50th consecutive. the death of arnold palmer leavess golf without one of the most magnetic personalities milton great players. the influence of his reign will remain forever. >> palmer hired young cleveland attorney mark mccormack as his agent, essentially giving to what was the img sports identifier. >> he continued to play at the masters in augusta every year andnd i got to watch them play. 's incredible. what a loss. >> for the greatest of all time. >> your time is 5:29. weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> you spring into action. how almost all barber saved an unconscious man. >> we have a lucky winner from
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somebody else one. >> a live look at 480. patty will be back with a look


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